Lingolamp and swallow
plan for adjustments in the entrance hall: international school Groningen

The ISG, a great place to be…

The logo of the international school in Groningen consists of a swallow and three letters: I S G.


A swallow is a songbird that occurs worldwide. They live on insects. Because the insects disappear in winter, swallows are forced to migrate south. The swallow symbolizes happiness, hope, loyalty and freedom. Where a swallow builds its nest, prosperity will reign and lightning will not strike. A swallow tattoo brings good luck to sailors. Seeing a swallow at sea means you are close to shore, as swallows are rarely seen further out at sea. If a sailor with a swallow tattoo dies, the swallow will bring his soul home.


THE LINGO lamp= a lamp with HAPPY vibes and HAPPY words

In which country do the happiest teenagers live?

Of the 41 most prosperous countries the Netherlands has the happiest youth. According to worldwide research by Unicef, our country is at the top of the list when it comes to mental and physical health and social and learning skills (source Sep 3, 2020). Dutch teenagers give their lives an average of nine  (!?!?)

What do you think about this? What grade do you give your life? How did that happen? What is THE one big difference with neighboring countries? (Which have +/- the same conditions) What do you think?

This lamp consists of 8 words of happiness and joy 🙂 This words are in various colors ( based on the school logo) and the words are illuminated alternately. The students work in groups. Each group comes up with a word. Each student makes several letters. The reading direction is horizontal only. The words consist of 5, 6 or 7 letters and maybe 1 emoticon. The words must (graphically) distinguish themselves visibly from each other. By decorating the background for example by connecting lines, figures etc. The lamp should be completed in this workshop. 

Here is a list of the learner profile attributes that our education system is based on. It would be great if these could be the starting point for students and shine through the words in the 3 lamps. 



example= brightly colored Lingolamp 


10 Tips to Boost Your Mood

1) Give presents (Saint Nicholas is the oldest and heathiest man in the world for a reason)

2) Help others

3) Be a music lover

4) Get moving (to boost your energy)

5) Go-off-line

6) Keep it simple

7) Try something new

8) Be grateful

9) Focus (on what you want to achieve)

10) Reward yourself

11) Dark chocolate!!!!

© Idee-Ontwerp-Uitvoering-CKVproject door Meg Mercx en Rob Verwer in opdracht van Kunst in de Aula.

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